Hiring the right team members for your business can be difficult, and time consuming.  And before getting into the pros and cons of hiring the right recruiting agency, I’d like to start with this:  Everything and everyone you evaluate, should be on the merits of one word, VALUE.

Where is your time better spent?  Where is your capital best allocated?

What helps you create value for your company and brand as soon as possible?

What method of recruiting and retaining top talent brings the very best value proposition to your awesome organization?

Let’s consider some of the following:

The Wrong Recruiter Can Waste Your Company’s Most Valuable Commodity…Time.

During a recent client engagement, my lead contact shared a story with me…one that I had actually heard before, and further, thought was a rather obvious and common experience.  But the disbelief in his voice, as he told me about it, clued me in to the fact that I was taking my own experience for granted.

It seems that the last time this company partnered with a recruiting firm to help during a significant period of growth, they experienced a problem that caught them completely off guard.

My lead went on to explain that when they first contemplated hiring a search firm, one of their biggest motivators was time.  Time to search, time to vet, time to coordinate and time to “get”.  This was, as I mentioned, a period of substantial growth for the company, and while procuring top talent was their #1 ambition…all of the company’s managers and leaders were already being pulled in ten different directions.  Where would they find the time to SVCG?  (Remember? Search, Vet, Coordinate and Get!)

So…they hired a firm.  And what ended up catching them so off guard, was that they actually ended up losing more of their time.  The very motivation to seek outside counsel and support, had backfired.

Countless diluted and unqualified candidates were thrown at the company (in the name of speed!).  Managers spent needless time, interviewing candidates that were clearly not a fit.

Once the right candidates did emerge, managers found themselves having to follow up with the recruiters, to then have them follow up with the candidates.  They spent more time scheduling and coordinating steps in their onboarding process than they did analyzing the cultural and technical fit of the candidates.

The Right Recruiter Helps You Super-Leverage Your Time

I had heard this story before, and in fact it is something that Bell Falls keeps at the forefront of our strategy meetings.  The role of a search and consulting firm is to become an asset for the client…a true partner.

Becoming an asset means bringing Value.  But how?

By spending the time necessary to get to know clients needs, their culture and their vision.  By taking the time needed to understand prospect candidates beyond just a resume.  By remaining vigilantly organized to facilitate clear, concise and effective communication, meetings and hiring deliverables to both the client and the candidate.

When the right recruiter keeps these duties central to the mission, then the client company expends their time only when it is at its highest leverage.  And when company leaders focus their time on areas of high leverage, the organization receives the greatest return.

The Wrong Recruiter Can End Up Costing You, Big-time.

We all know that our time is valuable.  In fact, isn’t there a saying about that?  “Time is money”…right?  And I’m sure you can relate to the client story I just shared.

But let’s talk about a cost that’s even easier to quantify: Fees.

In the world of talent acquisition, there is a value placed on services that are defined by things such as time, experience or expertise, and access.   The sum total of that value is manifested in the fees that a client company will pay for our services.

But what happens when candidate placements go wrong?  What happens when they go wrong, quickly?

Unfortunately, some of the very same issues that can cost a company time, can also cost them money.

You see…when a candidate is delivered, and a consulting fee is paid, there is an inherent understanding (or at least there should be) between the client and the search firm.  That understanding takes two forms:

  1.     The consulting fee, based on time, experience, access and expertise…was proven to be a favorable and equitable exchange.  The return on the investment, was good.
  2.   As important, there is also an understanding that part of what made the investment so worthwhile for the client, was that the value exchange between client and firm was one time.  Put another way, whatever dollars were exchanged cannot only be attributed to time, experience, access and expertise, but can be budgetarily amortized when looking forward.

The Right Recruiter Will Provide An Excellent Return on Investment

The true costs of finding the right candidate can often be hidden from companies and managers, and the responsibility of a good search firm is to be a steward of that investment, on behalf of the client.

Quality recruitment firms believe in being advisors and consultants first, and recruiters second.  They will find the best talent to fit a client’s team and culture, but only after working through an intensive and collaborative process to define the ideal candidate profile.   They are focused strategically, tactically, and culturally.  They should be trusted as a true “partner” by the client.

The right recruiter understands that partnership should not be a cliché.  The right recruiter understands that when clients prosper, so does everyone else.  The client that is able to invest wisely when hiring a search firm, saves time and money, executes more efficiently, continues to grow, and continues to hire.

Return on investment is certainly about dollars and cents, but it can also be said to be about dollars and “sense”..i.e.- Common Sense.  It’s about leveraging time and creating new opportunities.  It’s about partnering with the types of people who bring experience and energy, with a purposeful heart to serve.

This is the type of return that the right recruitment agency strives to provide for every investment made by their client.