Recruitment Consulting

It is part of our core values to strive to become partners with our clients, and not just be another recruiting vendor.

To differentiate our team, Bell Falls Search provides several project based services to add value to our client’s talent management efforts. We want to share our years of knowledge and recruiting best practices to help our clients attract, evaluate, and retain the best talent in a hyper competitive market. All of our solutions can be customized to fit your organization’s objectives.

Candidate Experience Workshop

Our team will evaluate your processes to  attract, evaluate, and retain talent.  We provide an analysis and roadmap to ensure you are competitive.

Technology & Operational Review

We have built large, high performing teams in the past. Allow us to evaluate and fine tune your utilization of Applicant Tracking Systems, internal client communication, and candidate pipeline development to help you optimize your recruiting effectiveness.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Before you have the assets to build an internal team, Bell Falls Search can serve as your single source solution for talent acquisition. We will even help you recruit our replacements and provide a fluid transition to internal ownership.

Recruiting Effectiveness Assessment

We will assess the data you are collecting, and how you are representing it to your company.  Understanding your recruiting metrics is paramount to avoiding the reliance on third parties and to providing the backbone to building the best possible candidate engagement.


As your trusted partner, we can evaluate and provide objective feedback from the market and your internal customers. We can build surveys that provide actionable insights, and translate those into a playbook for improving your recruiting results.

Candidate Selection Management

Serving as an independent advisor, we can help you gain alignment across your interviewing teams’ selection criteria, and work with you to establish consistency in feedback and decision making.