Focus On Talent Matthew Kruchko CEO MCX Technologies

Matthew Kruchko CEO MCX Technologies

In this episode:

  • Matthew shares the story of his career progression and entrepreneurial success:
    • Matthew started in Finance and was planning on a career on Wall Street.
    • He quickly learned that companies with better brand strategies had higher valuations and he became fascinated by story telling and brand development.
    • Curiosity and Data are his keys developing a meaningful career with non-stop learning.
  • For those beginning their careers, it’s imperative to develop: critical thinking, problem solving, writing, and curiosity.
  • Lastly, Matthew shares a favorite case study from his rebranding project with Warner Brothers.

Bell Falls Search Focus On Talent Tara Lavelle

Tara Lavelle Head of Marketing River SaaS Capital

In this episode:

  • Tara shares the story of her career progression and success as a Marketer:
    • Tara’s career spans product marketing in Consumer Products with American Greetings, to Financial Service with Cardinal Commerce (Visa)
    • She talks about and give specific references about how the power of CURIOSITY can lead to great marketing as well as impact your career aspirations.
    • Tara discusses the importance of putting yourself into a position to take calculated risks in order to grow.
  • Why experimentation with projects is so important.
  • For those beginning their careers, it’s critical to demonstrate your self-driven ability to learn.
  • Lastly, Tara shares the concept of leveraging a Brand Plan for supporting your job search.

Bell Falls Search Focus On Talent Jacob Glenn mGenio

Jacob Glenn Founder CEO mGenio

In this episode:

  • Jacob shares the story of how and why he started mGenio:
    • With a career focused in professional services, Jacob’s technology and business acumen led him to building his own firm
    • mGenio is focused on custom software development including enterprise and mobile applications, IoT (Internet of Things) integrations, and Salesforce implementations.
    • What is IoT and how do you become an Internet of Things developer?
  • Why experimentation with projects is so important.
  • Jacob provides insights into the importance of attitude and aptitude for his talent evaluation process.
  • Lastly, Jacob shares his top three Vietnamese restaurants in Cleveland to get Pho!

Bell Falls Search Focus on Talent Arnold Huffman Founder CEO YALO

Arnold Huffman Founder, CEO, YALO

In this episode:

  • Arnold shares the story of how and why he started Yalo:
    • With a degree in Chemical Engineering, a decade implementing ERP solutions at Accenture, and then driving Sales & Marketing in a SaaS business, Arnold started his own marketing agency…and built a successful distributed workforce years before it has become more widely the norm.
    • Yalo is a FIJI word for “soul” – and Arnold uses film, art, and music to drive inspiration for his clients’ projects.
    • Extracurriculars matter…especially leadership positions.   Become a Greek Heritage Dancer!
  • He provides advice on positioning yourself for interview success.  Think beyond your resume…create a presentation that tells a story about you and your capabilities.
  • Lastly, Arnold offers some excellent advice about the importance of being “nimble” in your interview and trying to break the mold of sticking to a script.