Bell Falls Search Focus on Talent Arnold Huffman Founder CEO YALO

Arnold Huffman Founder, CEO, YALO

In this episode:

  • Arnold shares the story of how and why he started Yalo:
    • With a degree in Chemical Engineering, a decade implementing ERP solutions at Accenture, and then driving Sales & Marketing in a SaaS business, Arnold started his own marketing agency…and built a successful distributed workforce years before it has become more widely the norm.
    • Yalo is a FIJI word for “soul” – and Arnold uses film, art, and music to drive inspiration for his clients’ projects.
    • Extracurriculars matter…especially leadership positions.   Become a Greek Heritage Dancer!
  • He provides advice on positioning yourself for interview success.  Think beyond your resume…create a presentation that tells a story about you and your capabilities.
  • Lastly, Arnold offers some excellent advice about the importance of being “nimble” in your interview and trying to break the mold of sticking to a script.