Robert Hatta Founder Ten-X Talent

Bell Falls Search Focus on Talent Podcast – Robbert Hatta, Founder Ten-X Talent

In this episode:

  • Some of Robert’s key points include:
    • The top three characteristics he looks for in recruiting start-up talent: Intentionality, Adaptability, and Consistency
    • His experiences with both serendipity and intentionality over his career journey
    • Embracing the nonlinear career path and the value it can bring to you and those you advise
    • The mission behind his new venture Ten-X Talent

Mike Linton Creator and Host CMO Confidential

Bell Falls Search Focus on Talent Podcast – Mike Linton – Creator and host CMO Confidential

In this episode:

  • Some of Mike’s key points include:
    • His thoughts on making deliberate career moves, taking risks, and capitalizing on serendipity
    • Two key traits that all executive marketers should possess: Point of View and Vulnerability
    • Opportunities to improve curriculum in higher education to address leadership and conflict management
    • The mission behind the CMO Confidential Podcast

Ashley Rector Founder Quimby Digital

Bell Falls Search Focus on Talent Podcast – Ashley Rector, Founder – Quimby Digital

In this episode:

  • Some of Ashley’s key points include:
    • Ashley comes from a family of entrepreneurs and is a successful entrepreneur several times over.
    • Ashley leads an all female marketing agency and is an advocate for female entrepreneurs.
    • She shares her secrets for winning in interviews and networking your way to “unreachable” opportunities.
    • She is a strong supporter of mental health.