Tracey Zimmerman CEO Robots and Pencils

Bell Falls Search Focus on Talent Podcast – Tracey Zimmerman CEO Robots & Pencils

In this episode:

  • Some of Tracey’s key points include:
    • Tracey taught herself to code while taking nursing classes and working as an administrative assistant.
    • Working in industry propelled her business acumen, which accelerated Tracey’s entrepreneurial pursuits.
    • For technical talent, it’s imperative to understand the business problem in depth.
    • Embrace curiosity and don’t waste the opportunity to ask questions of other people to continue learning.
    • Proactively offer value to others, before asking for something from them.
    • To be most impactful, understand how your role improves your company’s success.

Bell Falls Search Focus on Talent Podcast - Kierston Vaughn SVP Operations at TigerPistol

Bell Falls Search Focus on Talent Podcast – Kierston Vaughn SVP Operations at TigerPistol

In this episode:

  • Some of Kierston’s key points include:
    • Bundle curiosity with persistence! Never being afraid of asking that one critical question.
    • The impact of working in Professional Services on other career opportunities.
    • Building a collaborative onboarding experience will lead to improved company performance and team satisfaction.
    • Advice for staying competitive in your job search.

Ron Bower, Founder & President The Brick Path Group and InterviewPath

Bell Falls Search Focus On Talent Ron Bower, President Brickpath Group & InterviewPath

In this episode:

  • Some of Ron’s key points include:
    • When starting out as an entrepreneur, focus on what you love, BUT recognize when it’s time be flexible
    • How to build a MVP (minimal viable product) SaaS solution
    • Understanding how to assess “Cultural Intelligence” when evaluating candidates
    • For college students, regardless of your “technical skill”, you must develop strong communications skills and get exposure on how to sell 

Bradley Reynolds Tech Entrepreneur and Enterprise AI Consultant

Bradley Reynolds, Enterprise LLM Consultant

In this episode:

  • Brad shares:
    • his experiences starting, operating, and exiting several internet infrastructure and Martech software businesses
    • his involvement in the birth of internet service providers (ISPs)
    • the importance of boot-strapping your start-up company, staying capital efficient and it’s impact on valuation and success
    • the value of experimenting, failing, and persisting

This is an image of Dan Quigg CEO of Public Insight.

Dan Quigg, CEO Public Insight

In this episode:

  • Dan shares:
    • his experiences starting, operating, and exiting several software businesses
    • keys to success over the course of those start-up experiences
    • Find great talent
    • Become a market expert
    • Disrupt the currently accepted model
    • as well as lessons learned over the course of those start-up experiences
    • Always be in learning mode
    • Focus on what you really love to do
    • a detailed overview of his latest venture, Public Insight, and demo of its flagship product TalentView

Case Study: Healthcare Software (SaaS) Recruiting

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Case Study: Tiger Pistol

Tiger Pistol, a B2B SaaS company, was in need of ramping up its Talent Attraction efforts following its acquisition. CEO Paul Elliott reached out to Bell Falls Search for assistance. Bell Falls took an immersive approach and fully integrated with the Tiger Pistol team. The team implemented a new ATS, JazzHR, which improved candidate interaction,…

Case Study: Budget Dumpster

Budget Dumpster (now Waste Dynamics) is a consumer services business that was facing several challenges with its recruitment process. The company lacked an internal dedicated recruiting team and was struggling to attract qualified candidates in a scalable and sustainable manner. This resulted in an unstructured candidate outreach strategy and a lack of proactive hiring. Additionally,…